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Would you like to reserve the Warne Community Center for an event? If so please drop us a line using our contact page or see one of the board members. The Community Center is open to reservations from all Warne Residents for personal events; such as birthday parties, family gatherings, etc. and to non-profit and charitable organizations. Please no corporate or for-profit events. Certain exceptions to the residency policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All reservations are subject to approval by the board members and must be scheduled around any community events or previous reservations. In addition, a $15 expense fee will be required along with a refundable deposit of $50 to insure the condition of the facilities.

You can use our form below to check the date you wish to reserve. Even if a reservation is already shown for the date that you had in mind, multiple reservations for the same day may be possible depending on the times and types of events.

Remember to send us an email via our contact page or see one of the board members to get your event scheduled today!

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