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Officers and Directors of the Warne Community Center

The Warne Community Center was organized to further the development of the Warne neighborhood and the social life of its residents by sponsoring activities that promote the cooperative spirit and well-being of the populace. As the Board of Directors serving this body, we constantly seek to encourage and promote a harmonious relationship among the people of this community through this program of activities and the many other charitable and civic contributions sponsored by the Community Center.

We encourage all of the residents of the Warne area to participate in our monthly “pot luck” dinners and meetings, occasional guest speakers, and various exciting seasonal activities such as our Christmas party, Easter egg hunt, Halloween party, Thanksgiving celebration and an appreciation dinner for the Warne Volunteer Fire Department. As always, if you want to get involved as a volunteer or board member, contribute your ideas for activities, or simply have questions or comments you can always approach one of the board members listed here or contact us via the information in the "contact us" section of this web page.

Thank You.
The Warne Community Center Board of Directors

Officers and Directors
President: Dennis Sigmon
Vice President: Jim Redmond
Secretary: Katie Dawes
Treasurer: Janet Thomas
Directors: Melinda Bradley
Sandra Ross
Thomas Lyvers
Margaret Roberts
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